Pros and Cons of Fish Tanks

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Fish tanks are very important in decorating and furnishing the living place. Maintaining fish tanks have become one’s hobby now-a –days. It helps to relax and reduce stress.  American Medical Association has proved that watching fish tanks helps to reduce tension and also blood pressure. It can even help people with panic attack disorders to relax themselves, therefore it’s very beneficial to have one at home. Fish tanks are of different shapes. LCD tanks, U type, Coffee table, Curved tanks, semi circle, quarter circle etc.

Fish tanks come in different sizes. Small tanks are 15 gallon in size.  A normal fish tank is never less than 15 gallon. A fresh water tank is of size 25 gallon and marine water tank is of size 30 gallon. Tanks should always be wide enough. Only wide tanks will have a large water surface and this large water surface will provide more oxygen exchange which helps the fish in the tank to breathe well. Light and nutrients are the key conditions they survive in. Fish tanks come now in glass as well as acrylic. Cleaning of the tanks must be done regularly. Fish may die if there is any contamination in the tank. Glass tanks have been the favorites for decades, but now it is replaced by acrylic tanks. Glass tanks have their own pros and cons.

The advantages (pros) of glass fish tanks include:

  1. The place where the tanks are located looks Royal because of the appearance of the tank.
  2. It is very thick and so it is difficult and hence it is scratch resistant.
  3. Much of maintenance and support are needed for the glass tanks. It is easy to handle the tanks.
  4. It doesn’t discolor easily.
  5. It is cheaper than the other tanks available.
  6. If the corals are removed often from the tanks, it may lead to scratch. But a glass fish tank doesn’t scratch easily.

The disadvantages (cons) of the glass fish tanks are:

  1. It is very heavier when compared to other tanks in the market. Acrylic tanks are of lightweight and can be installed easily at all places.
  2. It is not so easy to clean and do filtration with the glass fish tanks. Acrylic tanks can be cleaned easily as it doesn’t break easily.
  3. It is not easy to make different shaped tanks with glass. Acrylic tanks can be made of different shapes.
  4. Glass tanks are easily breakable.
  5. Shipping glass tanks are very difficult and must be done carefully.
  6. Glass tanks don’t insulate much heat.  It doesn’t help in fluctuation of temperatures. Acrylic tanks insulate heat and hence it helps the breed of fishes.
  7. It leads to leakage very soon whereas acrylic tanks doesn’t leak easily.
  8. It is not easy to drill the glass tanks. It needs a special diamond saw to drill a hole in it. Drilling must be done carefully else the entire tank becomes no use. Acrylic tanks can be drilled easily and made into any shape as they wish.
  9. Non-glass tanks i.e. acrylic tanks are much more durable than the glass tanks.  They have much life than the glass tanks.

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