Fish Tanks For Kids

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Children with a fish aquariumWhen it comes to kids we always do our best to make them happy. That definitely includes pets and finding a child who never asked for a puppy, a rabbit or a goldfish would be a futile effort. There’s a variety of pets which are suitable for children but fish are definitely one of the best, if not the best one. It requires very little care and maintenance and as such may be the perfect house pet for your kids.

We already talked a about the benefits of having aquariums in your home, and buying and taking care of fish doesn’t need to be a chore. If you can’t say no to your kids when they ask if they can have their own goldfish, don’t sweat about it too much. Chances are your children will grow bored of any pet in a fairly short amount of time but even if they do and you end up having to take care of the fish all by yourself it’s not a significant time investment.

Kid feeding fish

Teach your children how to feed the fish and take care of them.

Having a fish tank for your kids can also have the added benefit of teaching them to take care of their responsibilities at very early age. Make sure that if you do buy an aquarium for your children that they are the ones primarily taking care of them. It certainly doesn’t mean you shouldn’t help your kids feed the fish or clean the fish tank, but ensure they are always present when you do it and show them the proper ways of taking care of the fish. If they become too lazy to do it themselves after awhile, you should at the very least encourage them to give you a hand. You will also need to teach your kids not to overfeed the fish, and to make sure they have clean water when required.

Kid and fish tank

Children can get too playful at times, so make sure to keep the aquarium stable.

The biggest issue with having a fish tank in your house along with kids is if they get too playful at times. You need to ensure fish are in a safe place and that the tank can’t simply fall off if hit by a ball or some similar toy. Having a very small fish tank may be enough living space for one or two goldfish, but if you can make the room it’s suggested that you purchase a decently sized aquarium, or at the very least put it out of harms way and make sure it’s stable.

The amount of food required to feed fish is insignificant compared to having a dog or a cat so being inexpensive is yet another upside. Actually buying the fish tank is the only notable investment you’ll have to make and they are usually even cheaper than purchasing a dog house or litterbox sand every week.


Goldfish are one of the fish that requires the least care and maintenance.

As for specific fish you should get, goldfish are certainly the most popular choice for children. They are some of the cheapest fish you can get that are also very convenient for any kind of environment, and best of all they are easily replaceable. When dealing with kids of very young age you may not yet want to have “that” conversation, so the simplest solution sometimes is to just purchase a new fish and they probably won’t even notice the difference. Hopefully it won’t come to that, but it may save you from some unnecessary frustration later on.

Blowing fish tank

"Blowing" fish tank is one of many cool aquariums your kids might like.

Overall fish are low-maintenance pets not just suited for kids, but also for adults. It’s one of rare pets that doesn’t require cleaning your carpets or taking them for walks several times a day, so when your kids asks for a pet a fish should definitely be on the top of your list.

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