Common Materials For Aquariums

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Fish tank materials

Fish tanks have changed a lot over the years. The development of modern plastics and acrylics have given people new options when it comes to home aquariums. There are dozens of different styles and shapes of aquarium tanks and stands to fit any size space. Choosing the right tank and stand for your home can be a big decision. Before you start to think about how big of a tank you want to get and what type of stand you want to have in your home you have to choose what type of material you want your tank to be made from. The most common materials for fish tanks are acrylic and glass. Each different type has positives and negatives that you should consider before making a final decision.

Acrylic Fish Tanks

Acrylic tanks are usually much lighter than glass tanks. They can withstand more pressure and they usually come in interesting shapes and designs that glass tanks can’t match. If you want an aquarium to fit into a special space in your home an acrylic tank is probably going to be the best choice. Remember that you have to consider the weight of the tank when it’s filled as well as the weight when it is empty when you are considering what stand to buy for the tank. Because they are so much lighter many people prefer acrylic tanks. The view of the fish is clearer through an acrylic tank than it is through a glass tank because an acrylic tank doesn’t have the distortion that a glass tank has. However, acrylic tanks are more expensive than glass tanks. While they don’t crack or break like glass tanks can they do because scratched during normal cleaning and with normal wear and tear, so that is something you will have to consider also.

Glass Fish Tanks

Glass fish tanks have a great classic look that some people prefer. Glass fish tanks are heavier than acrylic fish tanks but they don’t bend or break the way that acrylic fish tanks can over time. Glass fish tanks are also much less expensive than acrylic fish tanks. If you want to start a small home aquarium and you don’t want to invest a huge amount of money in a tank then a glass tank is probably the right choice for you. Glass tanks are easier to clean than acrylic tanks. Glass tanks also will not scratch or cloud up the way that acrylic tanks can. Glass tanks are susceptible to cracking and breaking, but the tempered glass doesn’t break without a lot of pressure. Glass tanks also maintain a constant temperature better than acrylic tanks.

Ultimately the decision about which type of tank is the best for your home aquarium depends on your budget, your home setup, and your preference. Just make sure that you consider all the positives and negatives before deciding which type of fish tank you want to buy. Then you can focus on choosing the right stand, accessories, and choosing the best fish for your tank.

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