Regular Maintenance Steps For Your Fish Tanks

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Fish tank maintenanceRegular maintenance on your aquarium is a large part of ensuring your fish are living healthy. More often than not, people who purchase fish and keep an aquarium overlook regular maintenance, and their fish may in turn face consequences ranging from stress, disease and even death. Unlike outdoor water systems, aquariums are closed, which means nothing is being added constantly, and toxins are not being filtered out as quickly as they should, even if you do use a water filter. Fish tanks are truly a breeding ground for disease and bacteria, as it is a much smaller system, due to food decay, fish waste, and other potentially harmful byproducts. Think of it like your own room; if you don’t clean it frequently, bugs can start to flourish, mice could start to move in, and it’s all downhill from there.

Thankfully, maintenance of the aquarium isn’t a back breaking task to perform. Daily and easy tasks that should be performed are visual checks of the tank and equipment, to ensure there are no leaks, the filter is running at full speed, and to make sure that the temperature is adequate for your fish. Bi-weekly and weekly requirements is to maintain the water in the tank. It is suggested that the water is partially changed weekly, as this slows down the growth of bacteria and algae. The tank is to be wiped down on the outside surfaces with an aquarium safe cleanser, or just use a damp cloth. From there, all the plants that are inside the tank should be gently shook to dislodge debris, food and other things. After that, another partial water change is in order. Between these steps, a break for around ten or fifteen minutes should be taken, so that everything can settle.

Cleaning your aquarium

Be sure to clean your aquarium at least once every two weeks


Monthly checks should also be in order to check levels of different parameters such as pH, ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate. If there is an algae problem in the aquarium, perform water tests to check other levels, such as phosphates, to find the root of the problem. Also, as far as testing goes, the filters should be cleaned, light bulbs should be replaced, air pumps should be inspected, and if live plants are used they should be fertilized.

It is recommended that specialized tools are purchased to ensure the process goes smoothly, and that contaminants are not put back into the aquarium. Now, these are not necessary, but it makes it a lot easier and cleaner. One bucket should be used for the cleaning process, a few brushes, a siphon, aquarium-safe cleaner, replacement filters and replacement bulbs should be in the arsenal while tackling the task.

In conclusion, if the health of your fish is important, not only should the pets be cared for by proper nutrition, but it should have a clean place to live, as well. It is not healthy to live in a dirty environment; and it is not fair for your beloved pets either. Routine maintenance of your pet’s habitat doesn’t necessarily have to be a chore, and once you get used to doing it regularly you might even find it enjoyable. It can even be a nice hobby to take your mind off of daily things and stress, and your fish will thank you for it.

Fish Tanks For Kids

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Children with a fish aquariumWhen it comes to kids we always do our best to make them happy. That definitely includes pets and finding a child who never asked for a puppy, a rabbit or a goldfish would be a futile effort. There’s a variety of pets which are suitable for children but fish are definitely one of the best, if not the best one. It requires very little care and maintenance and as such may be the perfect house pet for your kids.

We already talked a about the benefits of having aquariums in your home, and buying and taking care of fish doesn’t need to be a chore. If you can’t say no to your kids when they ask if they can have their own goldfish, don’t sweat about it too much. Chances are your children will grow bored of any pet in a fairly short amount of time but even if they do and you end up having to take care of the fish all by yourself it’s not a significant time investment.

Kid feeding fish

Teach your children how to feed the fish and take care of them.

Having a fish tank for your kids can also have the added benefit of teaching them to take care of their responsibilities at very early age. Make sure that if you do buy an aquarium for your children that they are the ones primarily taking care of them. It certainly doesn’t mean you shouldn’t help your kids feed the fish or clean the fish tank, but ensure they are always present when you do it and show them the proper ways of taking care of the fish. If they become too lazy to do it themselves after awhile, you should at the very least encourage them to give you a hand. You will also need to teach your kids not to overfeed the fish, and to make sure they have clean water when required.

Kid and fish tank

Children can get too playful at times, so make sure to keep the aquarium stable.

The biggest issue with having a fish tank in your house along with kids is if they get too playful at times. You need to ensure fish are in a safe place and that the tank can’t simply fall off if hit by a ball or some similar toy. Having a very small fish tank may be enough living space for one or two goldfish, but if you can make the room it’s suggested that you purchase a decently sized aquarium, or at the very least put it out of harms way and make sure it’s stable.

The amount of food required to feed fish is insignificant compared to having a dog or a cat so being inexpensive is yet another upside. Actually buying the fish tank is the only notable investment you’ll have to make and they are usually even cheaper than purchasing a dog house or litterbox sand every week.


Goldfish are one of the fish that requires the least care and maintenance.

As for specific fish you should get, goldfish are certainly the most popular choice for children. They are some of the cheapest fish you can get that are also very convenient for any kind of environment, and best of all they are easily replaceable. When dealing with kids of very young age you may not yet want to have “that” conversation, so the simplest solution sometimes is to just purchase a new fish and they probably won’t even notice the difference. Hopefully it won’t come to that, but it may save you from some unnecessary frustration later on.

Blowing fish tank

"Blowing" fish tank is one of many cool aquariums your kids might like.

Overall fish are low-maintenance pets not just suited for kids, but also for adults. It’s one of rare pets that doesn’t require cleaning your carpets or taking them for walks several times a day, so when your kids asks for a pet a fish should definitely be on the top of your list.

Fish Tank Ideas For Your Office

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More and more people have recently started adding fish tanks to their offices. Be it in home or at a place of business a great looking fish tank can be a fantastic decorative tool. Not only that but having an aquarium in your place of business can be a great way to alleviate stress and increase your own or your employees production. Workplace stress can play a big role in productivity or even sick leave by your employees so you might want to consider making their work day as comfortable as possible.

We already established that fish tanks can have a beneficial role to a persons health, including reducing stress and anxiety. It can even help with panic attacks! Having a fish tank in your office is beneficial to you, your employees and perhaps most importantly your customers or clients. If you’re considering getting a fish tank for your office (or even a home office) then some of the images we collected below will surely give you a few great ideas.

If you want to do a “test run” of an aquarium in your office you can even find a company that has fish tank rentals. It’s an inexpensive way to see how your employees and clients react to it without the hassle of purchasing a fish tank, choosing fish, and taking care of them. If you don’t know much about aquariums but still want to decorate your office with one that may be the easiest way.

In conclusion having a fish tank in an office has many benefits and you should definitely consider having one. It creates a more relaxed and less stressful environment, helps your clients feel more at home, and it can even create a unique focal point to take their eyes and mind off of other things. Hopefully our selection of best office aquarium photos gave you a few ideas, so be sure to go ahead and get one.

If you have any images of your own you’d like to submit to our gallery be sure to contact us or post a comment below!

Great Ideas for Coffee Table Fish Tanks

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One of the most beautiful and eye-catching home decoration ideas is to have a coffee table fish tank in your living room. It’s becoming increasingly popular for people to use fish tanks as coffee tables to impress their guests and it works! Most people are pleasantly surprised by this decorative item so if you want to bring in something special in your home a coffee table aquarium may be just what you need.

A good fish tank often makes space look bigger in your home, and a coffee table aquarium is no different. It does obviously require more care than an ordinary table since you will have to clean it and feed the fish. However it’s nothing compared to how amazing your house will look with one of these coffee tables.

We have selected some of the best fish tank coffee tables below to give you a good idea on how it can look in your own house as well. Be sure to check out the entire photo gallery and tell us which one’s your favorite.

You’re also more than welcome to contribute your own images in the gallery, just send us a message with your picture and we’ll add it below.

We hope these pictures have given you some idea on how your home can be even more impressive with a fish tank as a coffee table. It’s a great place to bring guests to and relax watching your fish swim around. A great upside is that these aquariums don’t take up any unnecessary space in your living room: you’re going to have a coffee table anyway so why not make it an aquarium.

There’s plenty of different coffee table fish tanks on the market and you can choose your own style or size to make sure it fits perfectly in your home. While these aquariums are typically a bit more expensive than an average simple one they are in my opinion definitely worth it. We also selected a few reasonably prices coffee table fish tanks below from Amazon so you don’t have to go around your town looking for one.

10 Cool & Unusual Aquariums

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In most cases you’ll see the usual types of fish aquariums. However every now and then someone goes extra creative and makes his own custom fish tank, and this article will show you a few inspirational ideas.

iPod Fish Tank

Also known as the iPond. There’s actually a company in Australia that builds these.

iMac Fish Tank

Don’t know what to do with your old computer? Here’s an idea:

3D Bar Aquarium

Want to go our, perhaps meet someone and chill? No better place than to sit at a bar like this:

Aquarium Dancefloor

And if you’re into something more dynamic, take your loved one for a dance. This floor is actually a one big fish tank, with a great view and atmosphere:

Phonebooth Fish Tank

Tell me you’ve ever seen a nicer phone booth:

Labyrinth Aquarium

This is something that will not only confuse your fish but also captivate the attention of your guests:

Bathroom Sink Aquarium

Definitely a unique addition to your bathroom:

Archway Aquarium

I doubt we’ll be seeing this anytime soon in someone’s front yard, but it’s a cool idea nevertheless:

R2-D2 Aquarium

A must-have for any Star Wars fan. Probably the most famous droid in the known universe, R2-D2 can also hold your fish:

Sofa Aquarium

After a long day at work, what better way to relax than to sit in your comfy sofa.

Coffee Table Aquarium

While you’re relaxing on your sofa, why not put your tired feet on the table:

TV Fish Tank

Of course, you can always watch some “TV” as well:

If you have any more amazing fish tanks or ideas be sure to post links in the comments below!

How to Buy a Good Fish Tank

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Fish tank is one of the decorative item which can be used in home as well as in offices. Keeping fish is one of the hobbies for many individuals especially for children. Before stepping in to this hobby, it is better to get ready with suitable fish tank for home. Glass fish tank is almost attractive and also it is mostly used fish tank which reflects the varieties of colors for each fish. Glass fish tank is also used to identify the type of fish. The fish tanks come in various sizes, styles and shapes. Initially it is highly recommended to keep the aquarium in 10-20 gallon. The sunlight should not have direct reflected to the fish tank. Since it creates very high temperature to the tank and the same should control the evaporation of water. Most of the aquariums are made by glass as well as in acrylic. Taking a deep analysis for any cracks before purchasing a fish tank is almost essential to avoiding further problems.

Decorations are one of the most essential things which reflects a standard look to the aquarium. If you decided to keep tropical fish, then it is every important to reflect the decorative item such as natural rock, type of gravel, driftwood, etc. Before installing the tank, it is highly recommended to have a glance of all instructions such as heater, filter, temperature, size, decoration, etc. Pure tap water should be used to fill up the aquarium. By comparing salt water and marine tank for beginners, the fresh water is highly recommended one. The water should be replaced in routine time in order to prevent harmful effect to the fishes. Numerous varieties of filter are available in the market in order to excrete the waste by fishes. Box filters are also one of the type which can be fitted inside the aquarium which requires the routine cleaning of tank. These box filters can also fitted outside the aquarium which is easy to clean. In case if you are deciding for tropical fish, you must choose the plants type whether it is a plastic or it is a natural one. For reflecting the decorations, the lamps play an important role in each and every decorative tank. The lamp size, shape and style should fit for the decorations.

The lamps should not produce heat for fish. For this purpose, fluorescent lamp is always recommended one. In order to attract the aquarium, they should be cleaned very well minimum 2 to 3 times for every week. Routine changing of water would remove chemicals from water. There should be at least ten to twenty five percent of water should remains in the tank. They should not get empty. For every glass fish tank, there should be a thickness in its surface in order to safeguard the fish even it fells down. The fish tank varies for home use and for office purpose. Anyway they should reflect the attractiveness of their environment and their surroundings. Get the information from various sources before purchasing the glass fish tank in order to have a better understanding of them.

How to Build a Glass Fish Tank

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Fishes are amazing pets. They demand very little attention and too less of time. This is one of the reasons why many people enjoy keeping fishes at homes. When a fish tank is kept at home it also increases the look and beauty of the room it is kept in. people also keep fishes at their offices to increase the beauty and look of the workplace. Fishes at home are kept in salt water fish aquariums. There aquariums come in different sizes all of which are small enough to be kept inside the houses. The tanks do not occupy a lot of space and they make the room they are kept to look attractive and lively.

There are instructions on how to build a glass fish tank. By building a glass fish tank on your own you can save money and it also works as a free time activity for you. This way if you switch houses you can assemble the fish tank on your own in the new place that you move into. Materials are available in the market for making the fish tank of your own. To make the fish tank you need to follow the instructions carefully. For making the tank and you are supposed to buy the most apt material for your tank.

The first step is the selection of the glass that is to be used for making the fish tank. The width of the glass is the focus point and the thickness of the glass has to be according to the instructions. Instructions for making the fish tanks are available over the internet and there are also visuals available to make you understand how to place the glass to make the fish tank. Once you learn how to build a glass fish tank then you learn how to fill the inside of the tank and what equipment you need to fit in it.

If you know how to build a glass fish tank you will also be able to repair any possible leak in the tank in the future. The tank making process trains you enough to become experts in repairing future tank leaks and damages. Aquariums are perfect to be kept at home as fishes are the safest pets. Fishes are safe to be kept in aquariums around children as there is no fear of them hurting the children in any way on messing things in the surroundings.

Usually when people start keeping fish for the first time, they do not have enough information about how the fish should be kept which is why the fish owners end up losing all of their fishes and this result in them giving up on keeping fish as pets. When all your fishes die for the first time you get so dishearten that you stop keeping them altogether as you think you are not cut out for keeping fishes as pets. This is not the case as with little instructions anyone can become a professional with keeping the fishes at home.

How to Clean a Glass Fish Tank

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All fish enthusiasts and all those who keep an aquarium at home need to have a good knowledge on cleaning a glass fish tank. Keeping a glass aquarium at home or work place is great joy. It is said that the aquarium attracts a lot of positive energy. However, great responsibilities come along with the aquarium. Maintenance of the glass is not a difficult task. With just a few ingredients, correct procedure and your interest, tank glass can look clean and new.

Cleaning of the glass of the fish tank is the most important aspect of fish tank cleaning and is the key to the health of your fishes and their long life. Glass aquariums get a clouded and a frosty look due to the hard mineral build-up. Make sure you set aside some time to tend to your glass fish tank every two to three weeks. Remember, the environment in the fish tank is not self sustaining.

At the first instance, place your glass fish tank away from the direct sunlight as it will help in controlling the growth of algae. This would facilitate minimizing the scrubbing that would be required for keeping the tank clean. The presence of an algae eating fish in the tank does not relieve you of your responsibility of cleaning. Always keep an algae scrapper at hand. As a golden rule, always remember that you should not clean the glass fish tank with dish soap and water. The residue of the soap is extremely difficult to rinse off completely, and this can be harmful to the fishes.

Always remember to address the individual components of your tank. The most typical problem of an aquarium is dirty water, which can be solved by using a power filter. Your tank could be almost self cleaning if you take care and maintain the power filter on a regular basis. In case of power filters not being maintained, the water in the tank would get dirty and you need to siphon and replace the water. However, never change the complete water at one go as would kill all the useful bacteria colonies in your aquariums eco system.

Always control the feeding of your fishes as overfeeding would leave the water cloudy as they produce a lot of waste. As a thumb rule, feed the fishes only the amount of food that they can consume within a 3 to 5 minute period. Change of water is probably the only way to fix the problem of cloudy water.

Always have the correct cleaning tools readily available when you get down to cleaning the glass fish tank. The siphon, bucket and algae scrapper are considered as aquarium cleaning essentials. Following few tips mentioned below would ensure that you and your fishes would be in perfect harmony

  • Do not use any cleaners.
  • Use salt solution and hot water for best results. You can also use vinegar.
  • Take care of the power filter. Change cartridges on a regular basis.
  • Change about 20% of water every month.

How to Tell if Your Fish Tank is Tempered Glass

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A tempered glass is stronger than a float glass and is created by heating a glass at extremely high temperatures and then cooling it rapidly. The process results in creation of a tough bond among the elements in the glass. Use of a tempered glass is common in aquarium construction due to its capability to withstand the pressure and weight of the many gallons of water inside the tank. When broken, a tempered glass shatters into thousands of pieces. Usually, tempered glass have a little stamp near one of the corners, which identify it to be tempered. The storm doors and the car windows have these labels.

The edges of tempered glass are seldom straight and always have slight warps or ripples. A tempered glass cannot be cut or drilled successfully. All the shaping of the glass must be done prior to the process of tempering. There are a couple of techniques by which it can be determined whether your fish tank is tempered glass. One of the way to determine the character of the glass is through use of polarized sunglasses, which enables seeing a fuzzy blackish diamond or circular pattern in the tempered glass as in a car window.


LCD screen and a polarized filter can be used to determine if a sheet of glass is tempered. LCD screens also have a polarized filter set at a 45 degree angle across the screen. The stress in the tempered glass causes light to polarize in a pattern within the glass, which is seen through the polarized sunglasses. You can also place LCD screen behind the glass and look at the screen through a polarizing filter. If the glass is tempered then the LCD screen would be seen as though having lines and stripes. In case it is a plain un-tempered glass, the LCD screen would be absolutely clear.

The under mentioned tips would aid in confirming whether a glass is tempered or not.

  • Sight the stamp on the corner of the fish tank. The stamp may also contain certain other alphabets, qualifying the type and quality of the tempered glass. The letter ‘L’ stands for laminated glass. This signifies that a laminate, such as tint or window film, has been placed on the tempered glass, such as tint or window film. ‘T’ stands for toughened glass that means that the glass has been made stronger through the process of heating and cooling. The rest of the grades would indicate the capacity to withstand weight and pressure, with Grade A, B and C being in the descending order.
  • As the tempering process can lead to imperfections, carefully analyze the glass form a 45 deg angle. If there are bumps and waves, then the glass is tempered.
  • Whilst utilizing polarized sunglasses, try and look out for black lines. The tempering of the glass, that is heating and rapid cooling results in some black lines. These lines can be seen through polarized sunglasses from an angle of 45 deg.
  • If you put your hand in front of the fish tank which is made of tempered glass, then whilst viewing through the polarized glasses then you should not be able to use your hands due to reduction of reflected light.

Difference Between Glass and Acrylic Fish Tanks

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Here are some differences of using a glass aquarium and acrylic aquarium. The traditional and we can say the best way to tank a fish is through a glass aquarium. But little did we know that using acrylic would also be best for a tank fish.

Acrylic Fish Tanks

An acrylic is more impact resistant for it is softer and more flexible than glass. It would be best for your fish especially if the fish is so restless. Acrylic also has less weight than glass so it’s much better than glass in terms of moving it from one place to another especially during cleaning and if kids are using it. Acrylic also has better protection especially in weather conditions, because it has high insulation in temperature. So it will not only protect from harming the fish, it will also save much on energy.

There are though a lot of varieties for acrylic aquarium to choose from. For its more flexible, it can be formed with different shapes of your choice for the decoration of your room. In fact, acrylic is the most used material for viewing fish in public places such as the ocean park. It is also easy to clean without removing the water or the fish inside. Just use the right tools and the right cleaning substance that won’t harm the fish then you’re good to go.

In terms of transparency, acrylic is much clear than plain glass. In fact, compared to any known material, it has the most light that passes through it.

Glass Fish Tanks

While acrylic is good, glass is the most used and easy to acquire aquarium. Glass aquarium is better protected from scratches. It will help keep the glass its clarity and quality. When it comes to weight, glass is much heavier compared to acrylic. In fact, you’ll often need another person’s help in emptying a tank full of water aquarium (but which will also depend on the quantity of the water and the size of the aquarium). One of the great advantages of choosing a glass aquarium is the cost. You will actually be saving a lot in using glass aquarium.

In terms of quality and breakage capability, glass tanks are prone to breaking. Because of its material, it will easily break which leaves the acrylic aquarium a high quality and durable one.

I for myself am currently using a glass aquarium for my fish tank. I have been using it for 5 years now; it has never for once given me a problem regarding its quality. No matter what type of aquarium I will be using, I would still like to see my fish inside it. So therefore, acrylic aquarium tank is merely for decoration purposes, not just the fish inside but especially for the tank itself. And the glass aquarium tank on the other hand is more on traditional kind where it is usually used by kids and family who wants to have fish pet and doesn’t mind whether its acrylic or glass.